Yamaha TZ250F
Technical Details
  • Year : 1979
  • Engine : 250 cc Two-stroke twin, Liquid-cooled
  • Transmission : 6-Speed, Dry clutch
  • Electrics : Hitachi CDI magneto with internal rotor
  • Notable Features : Purchased new and remains in mint condition. The motor was blue-printed and modifications were performed including the addition of dual front brakes, magnesium Dymag wheels, Goodyear race slicks, and an aerodynamic tail section. Custom paint was also applied. The cycle was built, tuned, & tested to be raced at Daytona Speedway. However, Fate intervened and the cycle was only displayed and never run again. The cycle was purchased in 2004 and comes with its OEM wire wheels, factory Yokohama race tires, seat & tail section, and the full factory parts kit.

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