Yamaha SC 500
Technical Details
  • Year Built : 1974
  • Engine : 500 cc Two-stroke single with Autolube oil injection
  • Transmission : 4 Speed
  • Electrics : Hitachi CDI flywheel magneto
  • Notable Features : Yamaha built the SC500 models for only two years, Production for 1973 was 5198 machines and 1974 ended with 4083 units, " A " model fuel tanks were painted with the well-known Competition Yellow color and detailing included a sectioned black & white stripe, Cosmetic styling cues therefore followed the famous bumblebee patterns designed for Yamaha Motor Company by Rollin " Molly " Sanders, Variations of same were used on numerous Yamaha motorcycles during the 1970's era. The SC500 was best-suited to be used in fast scrambles events or desert racing, Oddly these short-stroke 500 cc motors lacked low-end power but once the RPM's began to build power rose sharply, Few dirt bikes during those years could match the SC's straight line performance and the motorcycle in this line-up is no exception, Other than fitting a new DID 520 chain it's all original and runs clean and strong.

    Factory records show the last SC500-A built was serial number 024183. Number 024108 is shown here and could be the youngest survivor.

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