RC Engineering Honda
Technical Details
  • Year Built : 1971
  • Engine : 836 cc SOHC
  • Transmission : 5 Speed
  • Electrics : ARD / Fairbanks-Morse magneto
  • Notable Features : Full-tilt Russ Collins Engineering drag bike, Aluminum frame with anodized finish, Kimtab magnesium wheels, Motor has 836 cc big bore pistons, Lightened & balanced crankshaft, Ported head, RC con-rods, Carbs are modified Keihin CV types per Honda CB-450, Exhaust header is 4 into 1 with open megaphone, ARD magneto, Avon tires, Motorcycle is set-up to run gasoline, When it came to modifying Honda 750 Fours for street or strip Russ Collins' & Company led the way.

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