Ducati 900 SS
Technical Details
  • Year Built : 1977
  • Engine : 900 cc SOHC Desmo, two-valve heads
  • Transmission : 5 Speed
  • Electrics : 12 Volt alternator & rectifier, Ducati Elettrotecnica CDI magneto
  • Notable Features : Original paint motorcycle with PHM Dellorto 40 mm carbs, Imola cams and exhaust. Smiths instruments are OEM, Gauges are unaltered and work correctly, Mileage is 7898, In such factory-built condition minor cosmetic flaws exist, Runs perfectly and is super strong, No other V-twin sounds better, Carb jetting is dialed-in for Track Tek fuel, The two Ducati SS Desmos displayed here have VIN's one digit apart.

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