Harley-Davidson Sprint H
Technical Details
  • Year Built : 1966
  • Engine : 250 cc OHV
  • Transmission : 4 Speed
  • Electrics : 6 Volt DC generator, Battery & coil ignition
  • Notable Features : The Harley-Davidson Aermacchi Sprint H for 1966 was the last version equipped with the long stroke motor ( 66 mm bore x 72 mm stroke ), The motors were torquey and provided decent performance, Due to the motor's horizontal layout the center of gravity remains low and Sprint handling has always been considered quite good, The cycle displayed is in factory-original condition, While mechanically solid it would be a good candidate for a full restoration, When received the motorcycle had saddlebags, windshield, and other genuine accessories, Those items were removed / saved and only the optional Smiths tachometer was retained.

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