ATK 600DT Street Tracker
Technical Details
  • Year Built : 1998
  • Engine : 598 cc SOHC, Four-valve head
  • Transmission : 5 Speed
  • Electrics : Nippon Denso CDI flywheel magneto
  • Notable Features : Purchased new directly from ATK in Utah, The DTES was produced as a ready-to-race track bike and did not come with street-legal accessories or a front brake assembly, Before those components were added the motorcycle was tested at Village Creek Raceway's quarter-mile track called " Ross Downs II ", A veteran rider raced it to wins in several Senior Class events and then the cycle was converted. The big-single Rotax motors respond well to modifications but for longevity the mechanicals were left in stock form, The OEM bellmouth & air filter assembly attached to the 40 mm Dellorto carb was altered and after re-jetting another four rear wheel horsepower came alive.

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